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XLVII Small Theatre Forms Festival

  1. The XLVII Small Theatre Forms Festival KONTRAPUNKT 2012 will take place between 16th and 22th April 2012 in Szczecin.
  2. The City of Szczecin is the festival organiser and has appointed an Artistic Council as follows:
    • Anna Garlicka – festival director, member of the Artistic Council
    • Arkadiusz Buszko – member of the Artistic Council
    • Piotr Ratajczak – member of the Artistic Council
    • Jan Turkowski – member of the Artistic Council
    • and Krzysztof Bizio – advisor to Artistic Council
  3. The festival’s hosts are: Teatr Lalek “Pleciuga”, Teatr KANA, Teatr Współczesny.
  4. In matters connected with the organisation of the festival, the Artistic Council is assisted by the following Organisational Committee:
    • Anna Garlicka – deputy director, Teatr Lalek „Pleciuga”
    • Mirosław Gawęda – managing director, Teatr Współczesny
    • Barbara Igielska – director, Zamek Książąt Pomorskich (the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes)
    • Dariusz Mikuła – director, Teatr KANA
    • Zbigniew Niecikowski – managing and artistic director, Teatr Lalek „Pleciuga”
    • Adam Opatowicz – managing and artistic director, Teatr Polski
    • Andrzej Oryl – managing director, Filharmonia Szczecińska (the Szczecin Philharmonic)
    • Agata Stankiewicz – director, Department of Culture, Szczecin City Council
  5. The Festival Office is located in Teatr Lalek „Pleciuga”, 71-405 Szczecin, pl. Teatralny 1, tel. sekr. +4891 44 55 101, centrala +4891) 434 10 02, fax +4891 488 31 71,, www.kontrapunkt.pl, e-mail: biuro@kontrapunkt.pl
  6. The Artistic Council will consider entries in two equivalent categories: institutional and non-institutional theatres from Poland and from other countries.
  7. Productions reflecting any and all existing forms of theatrical expression and addressed to an adult audience may be presented at the festival if the following conditions are met:
    • running time – a maximum of 90 minutes,
    • number of performers – up to 6 people,
    • technical conditions – the production should be adaptable to any space, with a light set and a short get-in and set-up.
  8. An entry to the festival should consist of a video/DVD recording of the production together with a completed entry form and the form accepting the conditions set out in the festival rules. Entries should be sent to the Festival Office. The closing date for entries is 30th December 2011 Productions having their premiere after this date may also be entered.
  9. The theatre is obliged to make it possible for the members of the Artistic Council to see a performance of their entry by 9th February 2012 and to cover the ensuing accommodation costs. The date should be arranged with the Festival Office.
  10. The Artistic Council will consider entries successively, beginning from the moment when the first entries are received. Entrants will be notified of the Council’s decision by 15th March 2012. The Artistic Council reserves the right to classify the entries in accordance with the specified categories.
  11. Theatres whose entries are accepted are obliged to send, without delay, the information and advertising required for the festival’s printed material and to familiarise themselves with and accept the performance space and seating plan proposed by the organisers. The Rules permit no changes to the performance space or seating plan following their acceptance. Please send recordings of fragment of your performance (up to 3 minutes) and other promotional materials to be possibly put on the web page of the festival. The sent materials are not to be sent back by the Organisational Office.
  12. The organisers guarntee services and support in accordance with the requirements submitted by the theatre company.
  13. Theatre companies taking part in the festival are required to give two performances of the production they have entered. The theatre is obliged to appoint a person to represent the company at the festival's closing ceremony. The costs of a company’s participation in the festival will be a matter for negotiation between the Festival Office and individual companies. Having entered into a contract with a theatre company, the Artistic Council reserves the right to organise additional performances during the festival. All licence and performing rights fees are paid by the companies taking part in the festival.
  14. At the end of each day, representatives of the theatre companies are required to participate in a meeting of performers, public and invited guests. This discussion, which is led by a moderator, is an integral part of the festival.
  15. The Festival Office guarantees to reimburse travel costs and provide accommodation in a medium-class hotel for performers and a maximum of five support staff. Travel and accommodation costs for people over and above this number will be covered by the theatres themselves. We guarantee accommodation throughout the festival for the person designated to represent a theatre company at the closing ceremony. In cases where a theatre company numbers more than 10 people, the organisers reserve the right to accommodate the company concerned in two medium-class hotels.
  16. The festival’s main award is the Audience Grand Prix, determined by the public’s vote.
  17. The remaining awards are conferred by the jury.
  18. Journalists and critics accredited by the Festival award their own prize. Legal business entities and private individuals may fund an award and, with the prior agreement of the Artistic Council may confer it themselves or place it at the jury’s disposal.
  19. Matters which are not covered by these rules, as well as possible matters of dispute, will be decided by the Artistic Council of the XLVI Small Theatre Forms Festival.

The Artistic Council
of the XLVII Small Theatre Forms Festival KONTRAPUNKT 2012

The above rule is available here as a PDF file.