Wersja polska

The Wybrzeże Theatre

April 15th, 2013 – 4.00 p.m. | Pleciuga Puppet Theare

by Elfriede Jelinek

For me “Amateurs” is a kind of landscape. The world: a place where the sun rises and sets. Rays stab the back of seamstresses covered with a factory sweat. The nature: a place where lumberjack comes and cuts a tree. Big logs leave large imprints on his hands. The landscape: a picturesque system consisting of forms of relief and water, vegetation and soils, rocks and atmosphere between her and him. The landscape, like a classic relationship, means harmony of all elements. In case of nature, the time adds beauty; in case of people, it can be different. Humans will become more beautiful, if they are trained in a classical way. Jelinek shows us beautiful women, who think in their simplicity, that it is precisely how this world looks like: that this is the place where the sun rises and sets, and where the ill-treatment cannot happen.

Ewelina Marciniak

translation – Anna Majkiewicz, Joanna Ziemska
adaptation, dramaturgy – Michał Buszewicz
director – Ewelina Marciniak
set design – Marta Stoces MizBeware
music – Ala Masskotka, Piotr Kubiak
choreography – Dominika Knapik

premiere – November 24th, 2012

performed by: Dorota Androsz, Piotr Biedroń, Małgorzata Brajner, Katarzyna Dałek, Piotr Domalewski, Krzysztof Matuszewski, Ala Masskotka

Performance presented within the frames of the project “Bridges of Theatre – Bridges of Culture. On the mutual influence of Polish and German theatre.”

photo – Dominik Werner