Wersja polska

l’Amicale de production

April 20th, 2013 – 3.00 p.m., The Plepciuga Puppet Theatre


Maybe you know that in CHEVAL, there’s quite a lot of balls involved, of different size and colors. One thing we like to do, during the set-up of the show, is to play a kind of tennis-football against the technical crew of the venue. We’re thrilled to come to Szczecin, because it would be our first match against Polish players. We will train entire days before to come to prepare the confrontation.

We dreamt up this show to be an abstract treaty on the art of the ricochet, featuring our attempts to get soft objects (ideas, concepts or stratagems) to bounce off hard surfaces (screens, guitars or our piano).

It occurred to us that CHEVAL was a good title not only because it’s a great title but also because it contains that very duality of the trivial and the majestic which we so cherish.

Furthermore, it is highly practical to be able to speak about an artistic performance in the terms one uses to describe such a beast, to be able to find it headstrong or sickly, tiresome, capricious or as gentle as a lamb. In order to instill a sense of drama, we mustered up some shamelessly moving pieces of music. Except that, in order to avoid being swept away by the over -dramatic, we became bent on torturing them, benevolently yet unscrupulously.

conception and performers – Antoine Defoort & Julien Fournet
director – Antoine Defoort & Julien Fournet technical director – Maël Teillant, François Breux, Alice Dussar
project coordination & tour management – Mathilde Maillard
production – l’Amicale de production
Coproduction / L'L – association supporting emerging artists in research and development of projects (Brussels)
Le Vivat – Scene conventionnée danse et théâtre (Armentieres, France)

performed by: Antoine Defoort & Julien Fournet

photo: Olimpio Mazzorana