Wersja polska

The Juliusz Słowacki Baltic Dramatic Theatre

April 19th, 2013 – 3.30 and 6.40 p.m. | The Kana Theatre

(Kobieta z przeszłości)

Work on the “Woman from the Past” by Roland Schimmelpfennig is a remarkable experience for us for several reasons. First and foremost – because of the commitment and work of the actors who went much further than we dared imagine. Each of the four people on stage made a huge work that almost embarrassed us.

Secondly, it was equally important for us to experiment with theatre narration, and to try to involve the audience in theatre game in which they also have a chance to participate actively. The concept of a game, and maybe even a match, became for us a point of reference not only in relationship between characters, but also between characters / actors and the audience.

Thirdly, an important area for us is diversity – the task we have set before us very consciously, renouncing grotesque and tongue-in-cheek, emphasizing the real and intimate contact between stage partners, and placing their theatre existence in the space being under perpetual renovation, packaged in a white foil, evoking consecutive scenes/frames with the help of headlights which support every pure voyeur.

Ewelina Marciniak & Michał Buszewicz

translation – Karolina Bikont
dramaturgy – Michał Buszewicz
director – Ewelina Marciniak
set designe & visual arrangement – Marta Stoces Mizbeware
music arrangement – Adam Adaggio Hryniewicki

performed by: Beata Niedziela (guest appearance), Artur Paczesny, Katarzyna Zawadzka (guest appearance), Jacek Zdrojewski

photo: Michał Buszewicz