Wersja polska

The Helena Modjeska National Old Theatre

April 15th, 2013 – 4.00 p.m. | The Pleciuga Puppet Theatre

(Paw królowej)
by Dorota Masłowska

“Queen’s Peacock” is a protest song about collective manipulation. Everything in this performance is told in a language that arises error known from hearsay, dwarfed stereotypes and pervasive seriousness of our language. That’s how we speak, the media space messages and slogans – which became a tool of control in the age of rapid information – is coded is such a language. We wanted to make the performance of unconstraint, of intoxication with nonsense of sounds and of a dream of a new community of a language whim.

Paweł Świątek

adaptation of the book & dramaturgy – Mateusz Pakuła
director – Paweł Świątek (PWST)
set designe – Marcin Chlanda

premiere – October 27th, 2012

performed by: Szymon Czacki, Wiktor Loga-Skarczewski, Paulina Puślednik, Małgorzata Zawadzka

Production of the performance received financial support within the project “Forth Edition of the re_vizje Festival in Lesser Poland” from the means of the Małopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007–2013.

photo: Ryszard Kornecki