Wersja polska

Blind Summit Theatre
Great Britain

April 19th, 2013 – 5.00 p.m. | The Polski Theatre


Puppet masters Blind Summit have completely reworked the first section of last year's extreme puppetry hit show The Table to make “Moses” into the whole show.

Last year people kept saying they wanted to see more of Moses – the table-top puppet having an existential crisis – and over the year, through performing and improvising in front of audiences from around the world, he demanded more and more space and time. Accidents during performances – bits falling off the puppet etc .– have been favourite moments for audiences and so the show has grown and grown. This year Blind Summit are working with Andrew Dawson (veteran fringe Director, Pandora 88, Absence & Presence) and giving Moses his own show which will be presented for the first time in its new form for 4 days at The Pleasance Beyond.

People say Edinburgh is no longer the place to experiment but Blind Summit found last year's audiences very keen to support something new. We are sure this year's audiences will be just as enthusiastic and hopefully Moses won't let them down!

Blind Summit Theatre present THE TABLE
Created by Blind Summit Theatre
Supported by Jacksons Lane and Arts Council England
Inspired by an original commission by JCC/YAD Arts

co-devisers – Sarah Calver, Ivan Thorley, Irena Stratieva, Mabel Jones
music – Lemez and Friedel
lighting – Richard Howell
artistic consultant – Andrew Dawson
producer – Stephanie Hay, Blind Summit Theatre
technical manager – Fergus Waldron

current cast: Nick Barnes, Mark Down, Sean Garratt

photo – Lorna Palmer