Wersja polska

La compagnie Transe Express

April 19th, 2013 – 10.30 p.m.
beginning of the parade – Wa³y Chrobrego 3, performance in pl. Mickiewicza

(Les Tambours de la Muerte)

Had you ever thought you could meet Death at the corner of a street? We’re not talking about an accident, but of this ageless woman of a wild beauty. Between foxglove and belladonna, she has the charm of exquisite poisons.

This day you will be thousands or even more, but you’re the one she will see. Don’t be afraid, she will be make the first steps. Tango, tarantella or rumba, she will lead the dance.

Followed by her hord of drummers and her surprising bodyguards, she will do a courtship display to seduce you... or your neighbour... Let go, have guts and set your body free.

The stakes are crucial, fiendish, huge because if she likes you, Death will take you home to spend the night with her and invite you to enter the hereafter while you’re still alive.

And you, humble mortal, you will able to spy this dreaded world of death...

scenography, artistic director – Gilles Rhode
collective writing
music – Léopold Plastaga, Rémi Allaigre, Christophe Pardon, Michael Belle, Gilles Rhode
choreography – Brigitte Burdin, Sylvie Thomas
circassian adviser – Rocco le Flem, Manuelle Haeringer
pyrotechnics – Atelier de l’Événement
lighting – Tilt
engineering – Pierre Garabiol
decor, accessories – David Frier, Céline Carraud
costumes – Elisabeth Mallein Page, Clothilde Laude, Nathalie Sanson
masks – Hervé Jenatton
construction – Pierre Garabiol, Pascal Jean-Fulcrand, Alexandre Douchet, Jeremy Leblay

performed by: musician-comedian – Michael Belle, Ivan Tziboulsky, Aurélien Escala, Sylvain Esnault, Rémi Allaigre, Iko Madengar, Matthieu Neumann | acrobat (Chinese Pole) – Adrien Fretard, Clément Petit | comedian – Yasmine Lepe Gonzalez, Alberto Nason

photo – Emilie Poiré
photo – Jeremie Faro
TM©Licence CC by-nc lefourneau.com