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Grażyna Jotko

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2012 Grażynka Jotko passed away. All of us called her “Gizia”. Always smiling, obliging, competent, selfless, sincere and reliable Gizia ...

She worked with us for over a dozen years, sitting at a desk piled with stacks of paperwork almost covering her petite silhouette. She bravely coped with the longest forms, applications, billing, often complex contracts with foreign theatres, towering columns of figures. She came to work as the first one, and left as the last one, especially in hot periods before the beginning of festivals, and later, when the reports had to be written. She loved to work, and she loved to help. And we all loved her, our Gizia. Now, when she suddenly left her family, friends, and colleagues, we are overwhelmed by sharp grief and sorrow.

Gizia, we could have worked together for many more years, and today we are crying after you ...

Friends and colleagues
co-organizers of the KONTRAPUNKT

October 10th, 2012

We would like to announce that we have begun to receive applications to participate in the competition of the 48th Small Theatre From Festival KONTRAPUNKT 2013.

The Festival will take place between 15th and 21st April 2013. Information on next year’s edition of KONTRAPUNKT and deadlines for applications can be found in the “Rules” bookmark while the application form is available in the “Application” bookmark. Please read points 8 to 10 of the Rules concerning the deadlines for applications and passing of information; read carefully the point 11 (technical visit).

We would like to invite you to take part in the new edition of the Festival, and before that happens – to see the reminiscences of KONTRAPUNKT 2012 recorded on film and photos [available on the home page].

The organisational office of the 48th Small Forms Festival is located in the new building of the Pleciuga Puppet Theatre, pl. Teatralny 1, Szczecin.