Wersja polska

The Szczecin’s Midnight of Theatres

Sedinum, Drugs & Rock’n’Roll / The Polski Theatre
Good Evening, Mister Fogg / The Mały Theatre
Duvelor, or the Farce of the Old Devil / The Pleciuga Puppet Theatre
Arsenic Tonight, or the Comedy with Coffee / The Krypta Theatre
The Killer / Piwnica przy Krypcie

The West Pomeranian Theatrical OFFensive

The Sediment / The Krzyk Theatre, Maszewo
The Smallest Clown in the Village / Pomarańcze w Uchu na Skarpie bez Kartki, Goleniów
Fitness / The Abanoia Theatre, Szczecin
Concert / Lesja. Incognito, Goleniów
The Convent – subject-oriented meeting / The Na Chwilę Theatre, Gryfino
Roland Topor Games / Teatr w Krzywym Zwierciadle, Stepnica
Immortality of Cancer / The 6 i Pół Theatre, Gryfino
An Attempt of a Goal / The Brama Theatre, Goleniów

The Chłodna Comedy Club at the KONTRAPUNKT

The King of Designer Drugs, or a Trip to the Centre of a Drop
Taking Off
Fire in a Brothel

The OFFicyna at the KONTRAPUNKT

The Night of Performers

Action in the city space

Timebank / Grotest Maru, Germany

Discussion, promotion

Actor’s Portrait. Polish-German Panel Discussion
Theatre of Frank McGuinness: between cultures and theatre conventions
Promotion of publication „Teatr w kryzysie”
Presentation of „Pamiętnik Teatralny” 2012, No. 1–2, 3–4


Fleeting Memories
Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin
Small Theatre Forms Photographed by Dominika Odrowąż