Wersja polska

2 PLN – outdoor „Ovids Traum”

5 PLN – The Small Kontrapunkt

5 PLN – The Szczecin’s Midnight of Theatres

5 PLN – The West Pomeranian Theatrical OFFensive

5 PLN – Teatroteka

5 PLN – performance „one more thing”

15 PLN – students’ tickets (sold before the performance)

50 PLN – performance „Ewelina płacze” (inauguration, if available )

50 PLN – performance „Nieznośnie długie objęcia” (tickets on sale)

120 and 140 PLN – „Maria Callas. Master Class” (tickets on sale)

150 PLN – „nie-boska komedia. WSZYSTKO POWIEM BOGU!” (finale, if available)

25 PLN – other tickets


130 PLN – Berlin pass (if available)

320 PLN – pass B

370 PLN – passes A and BB

Please note markings of the passes and invitations. Because of a limited space for the audience, there are additional markings of tickets and passes for performances: “Poruszenie,” “notallwhowanderarelost” and “Chłopiec malowany.” Passes and invitations marked with A have additional markings A1, A2, A3; passes and invitations marked B have additional markings BB, B1, B2. Six performances and the finale (marked A+B) are presented for all holders of passes and invitations at the same time.

Free admission:
– discussion meeting
– The Night of Performers
– concert
– exhibitions