Wersja polska


Scrutiny Commission the 51st Small Theatre Festival KONTRAPUNKT 2016 consisting of:

  1. Bożena Belicka
  2. Magdalena Jasińska
  3. Jadwiga Wójcik

after opening of ballot boxes and calculating the ballot papers stated that total 217 votes (including 4 invalid votes) were given for 10 of 10 performances participating in the contest. Particular performances gained the following number of votes:

Baal – 1
Bella Figura – 2
Wojny, których nie przeżyłam – 7
notallwhowanderearelost – 8
Deep Dish – 15
Ojciec matka tunel strachu – 20
Aktorzy żydowscy – 25
Maria Callas. Master Class – 25
Ewelina płacze – 40
Nieznośnie długie objęcia – 70

GRAND PRIX, which is THE GREAT AWARD OF THE AUDIENCE in the amount of 10,000 PLN and a statuette founded by the Mayor of the City of Szczecin, shall be is granted to the performance “Nieznośnie długie objęcia,” (Unbearably long embraces) directed by Ivan Vyrypaev, which received 70 votes.

Szczecin, April 23rd, 2016


The Jury composed of: Dorte Lena Eilers, Dorota Ignatjew, Tomasz Kireńczuk (chairperson), Artur Pałyga, and Anja Quickert, after watching 10 performances participating in the contest on 19–23 April 2016, unanimously decided to grant the following awards:

The Main Jury Award of 10,000 PLN founded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the best performance of the festival – to Anna Smolar, Michał Buszewicz, Anna Met, Dominika Korzeniecka, Paulina Lombarowicz, Ryszard Kluge, Mariola Kuźnik, Joanną Rzączyńska, Izabela Rzeszowska, Małgorzata Trybalska and Jerzy Walczak, creators of “Aktorzy żydowscy” (Jewish Actors) by Anna Smolar from Teatr Żydowski in Warsaw, for their courage in using their own history to create a story about us all; for a very important and valid lesson, particularly in today’s Poland, on how to face one’s own tradition and history; for collective effort which resulted in a performance showing richness and diversity of aesthetics and forms of the contemporary theatre; and for opening the audience to a common experience.

The Magnolia Award of the City of Szczecin of 8,000 PLN to Maria Maj, Ewelina Pankowska, Adam Woronowicz and Rafał Maćkowiak, actors in “Ewelina płacze” (Evelyne is crying) by Anna Karasińska from TR Warszawa, for highlighting the value of collective effort in the theater; for creating a perfect collaborative team which while playing with their own identity asks an important question about the meaning of being oneself in the contemporary world.

The Zygmunt Duczyński Award of 5,000 PLN – to Benjamin Verdonck for consequence in creating autonomous artistic expression and original theatrical language based on minimalistic means of expression, a language which seduces us.

The Kazimierz Krzanowski Promotional Award of 4,000 PLN – to Anna Karasińska, director of “Ewelina płacze” (Evelyne is crying) from TR Warszawa, for brilliant, smart, and consequent creation of a statement which destroys traditional hierarchies and emphasizes the importance of trust in the theatrical work.

Honorable Mention of 1,500 PLN to Karolina Gruszka, Julia Wyszyńska, Maciej Buchwald and Dobromir Dymecki, actors in “Nieznośnie długie objęcia” (Unbearably long embraces) by Ivan Vyrypaev from Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw and Teatr Łaźnia Nowa in Krakow, for excellent performance of a theatre music score, highlighting musicality and searching for new forms of speaking in the theatre.

Honorable Mention of 1,500 PLN to Barbara Ehnes, Chris Kondek and Philip Hohenwarter for scenography and video in “Baal” by Stefan Pucher from Deutsches Theater Berlin; for a visual and spatial construction which broadens the sense of a theatrical story.

Szczecin, April 23rd, 2016