Wersja polska

April 20th to 21st, 2016, 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m.
Teatr Mały, free admission

The “New” Theatre of (mis)understanding

The term “new theatre," covers many interconnected elements: complexity and diversity of the starting material, rejection of servitude to literature (also unrestricted use of classical works), an essential role of a playwright, a new type of composing stage actions, different from the traditional one, a new acting, away from the traditional work on a character, multi-prospectiveness, and above all – unrestricted use a variety of theatrical, musical, and visual, and media-related languages. There have been attempts to cover this multifaceted entity under such terms as "postmodern theatre," or even “performative theatre,” yet these academic formulas are rather deceiving than explaining.

Meanwhile, one of the most frequent charges against the "new theater" (besides political and moral ones) are accusation of obscurity, of the use of an enigmatic language, understood only by a handful of academic "theorists," who surround the performances with erudite comments, while a "normal" spectator understands nothing. Even if these accusations stem sometimes from prejudice and resentment, it is worth to deal with them and try to open a new theatre also for those viewers who are distrustful yet intrigued.

For these reasons, we have invited renowned artists representing various currents of "new theatre," or variations of theatrical experiment, to attend the conference part of the KONTRAPUNKT festival. We want to confront such elements of the new language, as a playwright’s task, an attitude to literature, new strategies of stage composition, actors’ functions and their methods of work, varieties of materials used (including the use of multimedia).

Among the participants in the discussions there were announced: Professor Ewa Guderian-Czaplińska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan), Bartosz Frackowiak (Polski Theatre in Bydgoszcz), Maciej Nowak (Polski Theatre in Poznan), Piotr Olkusz Ph.D. (University in Lodz) and Ph.D. Paweł Sztarbowski (Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw).

Dariusz Kosiński

The concept of the session – prof. Dariusz Kosiński