Festival sections

FESTIVAL OPENING - a lavish, social opening consisting of a series of free art events. Inspired by Caravaggio's painting '7 Acts of Mercy', let's look at one of the canonical ethical concepts. Perhaps mercy, appealing directly to our emotions and attitudes, is what we particularly need in times of conflict. We have invited artists representing different disciplines and philosophies of creation, activists, journalists, as well as our western neighbours. Let's come together, let's be many!

INTERNATIONAL CONTEST OF FORM - a week-long theatrical feast to which, with the curatorial support of Agata Kołacz and Henryk Mazurkiewicz, we have invited eight performances representing different spaces of theatre. Four of them are the best Polish performances of the last season, the other four are hits of European festivals. They will be judged by an interdisciplinary Jury consisting of Inga Iwasiów, Katarzyna Kozyra, Anna Smolar, Piotr Jacoń and Marek Waszkiel. The International Competition of Forms will conclude with a Final Gala combined with a concert inspired by the work of the cultural group Pogodno, and the deliberations of the Jury, which will become a kind of performance - a public debate with the participation of a mediator.

STARTING POINT - are performances invited with children and youth audiences in mind. The programme includes 'The Ancient Tree', inspired by Slavic mythology, the performance 'Dad', which tells the story of an ideal father and at the same time confronts myths and stereotypes about fatherhood, or 'Kulka', a story about friendship for the most nanai. Young people are invited to 'Trojan Women', based on the classic Greek tragedy, in which captive women mourn the fall of Troy.

TURNING POINT - performances that have changed the perception of contemporary theatre; a strand dedicated to the adult audience. For this year's edition, we have invited the founder of the legendary Vivarium Studio, director and set designer Philippe Quesne, who, in Farm Fatale and MAULWÜRFE the Mole Concert, takes audiences to a mysterious parallel world devoid of people that delights and stimulates reflection.


"Giselle, dance!" directed by Anna Obszańska, winner of the Young Directors' Forum. The performance inspired by the romantic ballet masterpiece will be created in co-production with the Łaźnia Nowa Theatre and the Divine Comedy Festival in Krakow.

"Gong!" - a family puppet play that pays tribute to Olympic values. The play is produced in cooperation with the Monika Pyrek Foundation.


That's not all! 50 different events are waiting for you - see the programme and the "events" tab for details.


KONTRAPUNKT - check your point of view!