The Discomfort of Evening

Teatr Pantomimy im. Henryka Tomaszewskiego, Wrocław


90 min


90 PLN


Teatr współczesny w Szczecinie, Wały Chrobrego 3, Large Stage

W żółtym świetle aktorka na kolanach patrzy przed siebie. Jedną ręką trzyma się za brzuch.

The performance based on the book by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld is a visual narrative about the experience of loss and how it accumulates in the body and imagination; about the attempt to confront a tragedy that binds a 10-year-old protagonist and her close ones in a world immersed in mourning; about the need to find meaning in death. It is also a story about maturing and the end of childhood. The world, in which eternal winter and penetrating cold reign, is full of magical thinking, spells, and prayers. We see it through the eyes of a girl entering adolescence. She is an observer, a narrator, and a creator of fantasies.

A performance for audiences aged 16 and over. The show deals with death, depression and adolescent sexual behaviour. If you need psychological support - call 116 111.

Based on Marieke Lucas Rijneveld's book
director: Gosia Wdowik
script, adaptation: Robert Bolesto
dramatic collaboration: Magdalena Komornicka
scenography, lighting design: Aleksandr Prowaliński
costumes: Maja Skrzypek
music: Agata Zemla
sculptures: Jan Baszak
stage manager/first assistant director: Katarzyna Radomska
second assistant director: Piotr Soroka

Agnieszka Dziewa
Urszula Kuśnierz (guest)
Anna Nabiałkowska
Karolina Paczkowska
Artur Borkowski
Eloy Moreno Gallego
Jan Kochanowski
Jakub Pewiński

Performance with subtitles in English.

premiere: 3 March 2023.


It must be emphasized again that the Wrocław Mime Theater does not cease to experiment and search for a new language of theater. "The Discomfort of Evening" is another premiere that defies classification, and it's incomparable even to other performances in this theater's repertoire. Once again, it is a successful experiment, and the originality of the Wrocław Pantomime Theater is the greatest asset of this institution...” 

Katarzyna Mikołajewska, Wyborcza Wrocław


In the Wrocław production of "The Discomfort...", the director has foregrounded a frozen body, one in which loss has been inscribed. It's a body in which sexuality begins to awaken. For although it is largely a story about death, it is interwoven with children's attempts to seek vitality and vigor.” 

Wiktoria Tabak, Dwutygodnik




16. Międzynarodowy Festiwal Teatralny Boska Komedia w Krakowie - Konkurs INFERNO:
- Najlepsza scenografia: Aleksandr Prowaliński, Jan Baszak
- Najlepsza drugoplanowa rola kobieca: Urszula Kuśnierz

Best of 2022/2023 season from Teatr Magazine:
- Best production: Małgorzata Wdowik (Kamil Bujny)
- Best production: Małgorzata Wdowik (Tomasz Domagała)
- Best director: Małgorzata Wdowik (Kamil Bujny)
- Best director: Małgorzata Wdowik (Tomasz Domagała)
- Best supporting role: Eloy Moreno Gallego (Kamil Bujny)
- Best theatrical adaptation/dramaturgy: Robert Bolesto (Kamil Bujny)
- Best theatrical adaptation/dramaturgy: Robert Bolesto (Tomasz Domagała)
- Best theatrical adaptation/dramaturgy: Robert Bolesto (Anna Jazgarska)
- Best scenography: Aleksandr Prowaliński (Kamil Bujny)
- Best scenography: Aleksandr Prowaliński, Jan Baszak (Tomasz Domagała)
- Best scenography: Aleksandr Prowaliński (Anna Jazgarska)
- Best costumes: Maja Skrzypek (Tomasz Domagała)
- Best lighting direction: Aleksandr Prowaliński (Tomasz Domagała)
- Best music/sound direction: Agata Zemla (Tomasz Domagała)

fot. Natalia Kabanow