Farm fatale

Münchner Kammerspiele / Vivarium Studio


90 min


90 PLN (70 PLN for pass owners)



Teatr Współczesny w Szczecinie, Wały Chrobrego 3, Large Stage

Portret aktora siedzącego z gitarą na sianie na białym tle.

A humanistic fable for defenders of nature (or what's left of it).

Five scarecrows, poets and musicians, live in a world from which humans have already disappeared. What's left seems to resemble a country farm. The scarecrows run a radio station, indulge in philosophical musings and, with disarming humor, revive a bygone world with slogans, memories and archival recordings.

Philippe Quesne, the show's set designer and director, creates a tale of striking ingenuity and visual beauty. His "Farm fatale" is a bittersweet chronicle of the ecological threat humanity poses to the world, in the face of which the ability to admire the beauty of nature becomes an act of defiance.

concept, set design and direction: Philippe Quesne
collaboration on set design: Nicole Marianna Wytyczak
collaboration on costumes: Nora Stocker
masks: Brigitte Frank
lighting direction: Pit Schultheiss 
sound design: Robert Göing, Anthony Hughes
assistant directors: Jonny-Bix Bongers, Dennis Metaxas
dramaturgy: Martin Valdés-Stauber, Camille Louis

Léo Gobin
Sébastien Jacobs
Nuno Lucas
Anne Steffens
Gaëtan Vourc’h

The technical team:
General manager: François Boulet
Lighting manager: Fabien Bossard
Sound manager: Félix Perdreau

premiere: 29 March 2019.


The wondrous quirkiness of Farm Fatale increases towards the end. And yet, over those ninety minutes, no idea is too bizarre, no wordplay too ludicrous, no gesture too trivial, no conclusion too naive. Because with his small, idiosyncratic functioning democratic society of scarecrows, Philippe Quesne naturally pulls out the mirror for our own, which is the real topic of this play."
Teresa Grenzmann, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

„All the characters are faced with the same challenge: they need to find the way to avoid the extinction. In that regard, this performance is a clown heterotopy, in which a sad ending of one world is a pretext for iventing a new one.”
Baptiste Dancoisne, Zone Critique



Production: Vivarium Studio
Production of the creation: Münchner Kammerspiele
Show created on March 29, 2019 for the repertoire of the Münchner Kammerspiele, Munich (Germany)

fot. Martin Argyroglo