Teatr Współczesny, Szczecin


60 PLN (48 PLN for pass owners)


Teatr Współczesny w Szczecinie, Wały Chrobrego 3, Large Stage

A co-production of Teatr Współczesny in Szczecin and Teatr Łaźnia Nowa as part of the International Theater Festival KONTRAPUNKT and the International Festival Boska Komedia. Premiered as part of the II artistic residency New Situations Stage.

„Giselle”, as a classical romantic ballet, is a pretext for telling about the power of exploitation of the body, about pushing it to the limits incompatible with physiognomy, anatomy and the laws of physics, about exhausting training, about maintaining an almost anorexic figure in order to achieve an illusion, to become superhuman. 

The performance is a contribution to work with the memories and private experience of the author of the show. It is a story about the struggle one has to fight in order to regain the fitness of a body affected by a cerebral infarction. The struggle that the ballet's protagonist faces, balancing between the worlds of life and death, is a situation from which the author draws to tell her own story of a struggle with the body - rebellious and dying... The body is at the centre. A body neglected and not listened to. In times of relentless haste, ignored on the one hand and pushed to the limit on the other. 


director: Anna Obszańska 
dramaturgy: Maciej Podstawny
costumes: Mateusz Jagodziński
music: Małgorzata Penkalla
light direction: Aleksandr Prowaliński
residency tutor: Michal Borczuch
assistant to the director: Adam Kuzycz-Berezowski 

Barbara Biel
Arkadiusz Buszko
Adrianna Janowska-Moniuszko
Iwona Kowalska
Adam Kuzycz-Berezowski 
Kacper Kujawa (external actor)
Maria Wójtowicz (external actor) 
Agnieszka Ferenc (external actor) 
Magdalena Malik (external actor)

 premiere: 10 May 2024