Puppet Theatre Pleciuga, Szczecin


Puppet Theatre Pleciuga, plac Teatralny 1

Helena is different from her peers: she was born with... boxing gloves instead of hands. For Helena, it’s a nuisance: other children laugh at her, she finds it difficult to write and eat, let alone open a packet of chips. But one day Helena has a dream that, thanks to her unusual hands, she will go to the Olympics. Under the guidance of her father, a former athlete, Helena starts training. Her mother is against it: Helena should rather play the piano or attend a ballet school, boxing is not for girls. But Helena is stubborn and she believes that her dream can become true. She practices diligently. 

When one day, using her skills, she stands up for her older brother who is being bullied by his friends, her magic hands disappear. Helena is heartbroken – is this the end of her adventure in sport? Her father convinces her that from now on she must rely solely on herself and her hard work. He finds her a coach who takes Helena to her first competition. Helena wins - and is qualified for the Olympics. Supported by entire family, she goes to Paris to fulfil her Olympic dream there....

This is a story about finding yourself one’s own identity and path. About the struggle against adversities and the persistence in pursuing one’s goal. And also about the fact that sometimes something that seems to be an oddity and a burden turns out to be the best gift from fate.

direction by: Tomasz Maśląkowski
script: Jarosław Murawski
set design: Klaudia Laszczyk
music: Oto Walicki
lighting design: Monika Sidor

premiere: 1 June 2024