Improvised performance for adults

Teatr Lalek Pleciuga, Szczecin


60 min


45 PLN (36 PLN for pass owners)


Teatr Lalek Pleciuga, Teatralny 1 square, Scena Kameralna

projekt graficzny plakatu

Improvisation for adults – A performance combining two forms of theatre art: Theatre Improvisation and Puppet Theatre. The project combines the spontaneity and creativity of stage improvisation with the unique medium of puppet theatre. As part of this combination, actors use improvisation techniques to create live scenes and dialogues, while using puppets and other elements of theatre i.e. shadow theatre to create an interactive and dynamic performance. This symbiosis allows us to create unique performances that engage both the audience and the performers. Thanks to improvisation, each performance is unique and unrepeatable and the audience has a real impact on the performance.  

Improvisation for adults – is based on the JTS BROW format – a series of independent storylines with elements that break the ‘fourth wall’.