Improvised performance for children

Teatr Lalek Pleciuga, Szczecin


60 min


45 PLN


Teatr Lalek Pleciuga, Teatralny 1 square, Scena Kameralna

projekt graficzny plakatu

It is a magical combination of improvisation, imagination and the best of the Pleciuga Theatre! Welcome to the world of performance – a unique production that combines the art of improvisational theatre with the fascinating world of puppets.

Following unpredictable plots improvised on stage, the actors take on characters that come to life with the help of intricately crafted puppets. This is not only a performance for the eyes, but also for the soul, where every movement of the puppet is the result of the actor's spontaneity and creativity.

The story unfolds on stage according to the audience’s suggestion, and the puppets become not only the actors’ faithful companions but also the hosts of this theatre journey. On the one hand, the audience follows the emotions and interactions of the actors and, on the other, the fascinating spectacle of the puppets, which add a new dimension to each performance.

Children's Improvisation - is based on the format of the Hero’s Journey and the Fairy Tale - one long form of a fictional story.