Teatr Lalek Pleciuga, Szczecin


90 min, one intermission


33 PLN (27 PLN for pass owners)


Teatr Lalek Pleciuga, Teatralny 1 square, Large Stage

Zdjęcie grupy aktorów i lalek, które ubrane są w różne stroje, peruki i przypominają dzieci.

A performance based on the bestselling book by Marcin Szczygielski

“Theatre of Invisible Children” is the story of ten-year-old Michał and his friends - wards of an orphanage. Although the story takes place in the grey reality of the 1980s, the unusual atmosphere of the place to which the protagonist is taken, generated by devoted educators and creative, sensitive and enthusiastic children, makes the boy’s life more promising. “Theatre of Invisible Children” not only gives us touching and comic psychological portraits that remains universal for today’s children, who are experiencing their smaller and larger problems associated with their attempts to fit into a given environment. It is also a way of introducing young viewers to the history of the People’s Republic of Poland, with its social rules, difficulties, absurdities and a whole plethora of historical figures who remained in the collective consciousness at the time. The story of establishing a theatre troupe and preparing a performance by young passionate actors is also a tribute to theatre itself, as well as a witness of its importance as a a channel for people’s emotional development, building their empathy, their ability to see the world from different perspectives and their courage to express their own world view.

A performance for audiences aged 10 and over.

direction: Przemysław Jaszczak
text: Marcin Szczygielski
adaptation: Magdalena Miklasz
set design, costumes, puppets: Klaudia Laszczyk
music: Rafał Ryterski
projections: Aneta Wawrzoła, Grzegorz Habryn
light design: Monika Sidor  

Maja Bartlewska
Rafał Hajdukiewicz
Aleks Joński
Mirek Kucharski
Paulina Lenart/Gabriela Gola
Marta Łągiewka
Edyta Niewińska-Van der Moeren

premiere: 18 Novemer 2023.

fot. Piotr Nykowski